In daily routines, we often forget about cleaning. We do not apay attention to the systematic cleaning of our workplace and we are not aware of how much we lose due to that. We are more effective when we know our workplace and keep a certain order in it, but 5S is not only cleaning and order, it is a way of thinking that allows us to do our work faster and more effectively.

The 5S program is part of the Lean Manufacturing approach, dealing with the systematization of work in a given position. The introduction of 5S does not mean implementing a Lean strategy in the company, but it may be the first step to achieve better results.

You can achieve many benefits by introducing 5S in the organization:

  • workstations are clear and standarised,
  • ntools have their place depending on the frequency of their use (rarely used on further shelves, often used at the workplace),
  • each tool has a specific place in the workplace so that its absence is visible (shadow board),
  • employees are more aware of the importance of order and are more willing to care for order in the position,
  • systematic 5S controls ensure constant order in the organization.

The 5S program is not a one-time action, it strategy that allows you to maintain cleanliness over a further period of time. Introducing the 5S program, start with creating team of who control whether all employees follow the 5S principles. It is necessary to familiarize employees with the principles of the 5S program and the 5S control criteria. The 5S program have to be well understood by employees and managers so that a coherent approach and strategy of operation will give the best results.

How to do it ?

First, Seiri (sorting) – each workstation have to be ordered; items and tools on the stand must be sorted depending on the frequency of their use and technical condition (tools for repair, disposal)

Secondly, Seiton (set in order) – marking tools necessary for work in the workplace and determining where they should be (less often used on further shelves, often used “at our fingertips”)

Third, Seiso (shine) – the workplace must be cleaned of dirt and dust; remember to specify which cleaning products we will use during everyday cleaning and the place where we will store them.

Fourth, Seiketsu (standardization) – defining the standards for the positioning of tools in the position, determining the place for each tool.

Fifthly, Shitsuke (sustain) – continuous awareness of employees about the importance of order and the appointment of a team to check order according to clear criteria.

Training “Theory 5S” 8h, max 10 people – 1000 PLN

Training “5S Implementation, organization of 5S audits” max 5 people 8h – 1000 PLN

5S in the position, depending on the complexity of the position – from 400 PLN