Training “Root causes of quality problems”

Quality departments struggle with production problems on a daily basis. The responsibilityof controllers and employees is to solve these problems quickly and efficiently, and what is the most important secure that these problems do not appear again. Essential is to search for the root causes of errors and eliminate it. Correcting the error without further analysis of reasons end up with problem reoccurrence. That is why it is so important to study problems thoroughly.

During the training, you canl earn about various methods of problem analysis. E.g. brainstorming, Ishikawa’s cause and effect diagram (fishbone diagram), 5 Whymethod, Pareto-Lorenz diagram, method 8D.

The training allows in a practical way to analyze problems and find the root causes for their occurrence. It is important which qualitative we choose to solve a given problem. Thanks to the case study you will see for yourself how to do it in your company.

The analysis of the root causes of problems is a teamwork which is additional advantage. By using quality methods, relationships between colleagues are improved, because quality problems do not have to generate conflicts and negative emotions among employees. It is enough that the rules for dealing with a quality problem are clearly defined