I have 3 years of experience in applying to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for grants for investments in health and safety.

How to apply for grants ?

Procedures of applications for grants from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for improving health and safety status in companies includes several steps:

  1. Initial meeting – discussing the possibility of  grants from the Social Insurance Institution (catalog of investments) and assessing the level of health and safety in the company together with the Health and Safety Specialist. During this meeting, we also discuss the price range for the service.
  2. Preparation of health and safety documentation, suppliers’ offers and application. My task is to ensure that the health and safety documentation prepared by a specialist is proper and meets ZUS criteria; I also contact suppliers to ensure that the offer documentation is correct.
  3. Sending documentation to ZUS.
  4. Implementation of the application – contact with suppliers in matters related to documentation; explaining to employees how to implement the project; collecting financial and OHS documents for the project report; supervision of updating the application.
  5. Closing the project – create closing report and collect documents for archiving the project.
  6. Control at the end of the project – participation in a meeting with ZUS employee control the proceeding of the project.

The proce of handling H&S applications are divided into the part concerning writing the application and preparation of documentation – the amount starts from PLN 5000 and depends on the complexity of the application (the number of investments, the number of suppliers to cooperate, the number of OHS documentation to be prepared, etc.).

The second part of is a success fee as 2% of the grant value.