Lack of materials, customer complaints, constant problems with the organization of work are part of the problems that can be solved by implementing a good quality system. A good quality system is not a pile of papers to fill out, but good work organization, action planning, fewer complaints, better company results.

Quality systems facilitate work if they are well implemented and adapted to the organization. One of the quality systems is ISO 9001, more precisely ISO 9001 is a standard defining the requirements that a company have to meet to implement the system. It is one of the few quality systems that can be certified by independent certification bodies. Many clients require companies to certify the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality system. Thanks to the certificate, the company is more competitive on the market, gaining prestige.

The system introduced by STQ will be exactly tailored to your company. Thanks to in-depth interviews and close cooperation, we are able to design a unique quality system only for your organization. The quality systems introduced by STQ allow to achieve the best results.

STQ organizes training in the field of ISO 9001: 2015. The trainer’s experience in implementing and maintaining quality systems allows participants to gain practical knowledge about ISO 9001. During the training, the theoretical part on ISO 9001 and the practical part of introducing the requirements of the standard in the organization are discussed. Numerous case studies give the opportunity to test your own skills related to maintaining or implementing a quality system. Completing the training and passing the exam entitles you to receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of skills.

Trainings conducted by STQ:

Staff training according to ISO 9001 1,5 hours

Training of the quality representative 3 days

Internal auditors training 2 days

One of the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard is processing internal audits. STQ offers internal audits in your organization. This will save your employees time and carefully check with an expert eye where corrective actions should be taken to improve the company’s results. This is a great alternative for companies that focus on high quality work organization and product. Outsourcing of quality consultant is an increasingly popular form of control in  organizations.